Send Gorgeous Fresh Flowers & Gifts to Karachi

The team at our Karachi office is highly professional and passionate about what they do. They hand craft your gifts and flower bouquets to ensure the receiver is delighted to see them. Every stem is handled with care and placed to make beautiful flower arrangements.

Our team is always excited to speak to clients about any special requirements as we understand that sometimes you would need to make adjustments to set arrangements according to the occasion or receivers choice.

Your flowers & gifts are than hand delivered to the receiver’s door by our own staff who ensure that flowers reach fresh & the gifts are presented in the perfect manner.

Our Gift Spot offers free delivery in all areas of Karachi.

PKR 5,900.00

Love and Romance

Value Deal 013

PKR 9,800.00
PKR 14,800.00


Value Deal 001

PKR 9,500.00


Value Deal 005

PKR 9,800.00


Value Deal 004

PKR 2,550.00
PKR 8,900.00


Value Deal 006

PKR 8,400.00
PKR 6,800.00
PKR 9,400.00

Standard Cakes

Lotus Biscoff Cake

PKR 3,450.00
PKR 1,050.00

Food Deals

Biryani Deal 1

PKR 2,250.00

Bespoke Cakes

Batman Cake

PKR 7,800.00